Automotive online training on multiple devices

Online Training

Our online platform is full of a wide range of courses, such as Essential Electrics, Engine Management, Hybrid Technology, and much more. We’re also adding new courses all the time.

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A trainer (Pete Banks) overseeing some learners working at the back of a plug in hybrid vehicle.

Face-to-Face Training

Come along to one of our face-to-face training sessions and learn hands-on practical skills with our experienced trainers.

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A trainer (Pete Banks), researching an EV200 BAIC electric vehicle on behalf of a client. He's using a laptop and is working underneath a vehicle raised up on a 2 poster ramp.

Bespoke Training

Customised training courses and training platforms, video production, VR and training consultancy for automotive industry leaders.

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Automotive Technical Training

An automotive training company like no other

We’re highly experienced trainers with one focus, and one focus only. To teach.

With extensive OEM and Aftermarket experience in automotive course development, engineering, vehicle repair, motorsport and training, we bring our vast knowledge and experience to you via interactive learning modules, face-to-face courses, and bespoke training solutions.

Time constraints and pressures on personnel in the motor industry are significant, so we wanted to create learning solutions, both online, and hands-on, that make life easier for technicians and all of the unsung heroes of the motor industry.

We know diagnosing cars is difficult and takes serious amounts of knowledge & skill; we know it, because we’ve done it.

We deliver industry-leading training you’ll find interesting, easy to understand, relevant to your work and in the subjects which matter to you.

We value the strong relationships we have with our clients. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel we can help in any way.

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Our services

  1. Are you an independent garage owner looking to develop the capabilities of your business, an experienced technician looking to broaden your knowledge and skills, a corporate training manager who needs to improve performance and accountability or an apprentice looking to top up your education? Well, we have a training solution which is perfect for you. Our Virtual Academy provides the ultimate online interactive training solution.

    A subscription to Our Virtual Academy provides access to all the courses shown in the current content list.

    Upon successful completion of key milestones, certificates of achievement can be easily generated and printed to maintain a physical record of learning accomplishments.

    With our Small Business, Larger Workshop and Custom plans, you can track, monitor and measure the progress of individuals, teams and even multiple locations under your responsibility.

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  2. Our Virtual Academy LIVE is the face-to-face training side of the business. We write top notch courses, the kind we wish we’d had access to earlier on in our careers. We love what we do, and we thrive on making learning as enjoyable as possible.

    We spend hundreds of hours conducting in-house R&D to ensure our courses are jam packed with meaningful, powerful knowledge.

    There’s no technical inaccuracies, half truths or myths being pedalled in our training,  What you can be assured of with an OVA LIVE training course is that it will feature fact-based effective training, delivered in an engaging way by passionate, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

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  3. When you factor in lost productivity and accommodation fees, it can cost hundreds losing technicians from your busy workshop. With our IMI-approved blended training solutions, we can help you save significantly on those costs…

    The online training and IMI assessments can be delivered through our own IMI Centre or you can use our online content and assess your learners using your own IMI Centre and assessment processes.

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  4. Be your requirements online, face to face or blended, we have for many years written, produced and delivered exceptional bespoke training solutions for OEM and Aftermarket, internationally and at home.

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  5. Tell us the topic and we’ll make the training video to meet your team’s educational needs for a fee to suit your budget. Be it hours of highly technical content delivered in multiple languages or a 2-minute clip, we’re here to help.

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  6. Popular with our many corporate clients, our online platform can be rebranded and reconfigured to allow your brand to be the centre of attention. Branded customised solutions will allow your learners to access outstanding online training (ours, yours or a mixture of the two), you and your team can monitor learner progress and the systems we provide can facilitate certification, be it in-house or formally recognised through the IMI.

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  7. We’re highly experienced in delivering outstanding training initiatives for some of the most prestigious vehicle manufacturers in the world. If you need support with your training programme, we can help.

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  8. If you have a training project that needs additional support to deliver, we’re happy to work with you as partners, represent your brand, and teach on your behalf.

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  9. If your training team needs Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or coaching, we’re here to help.

    We’ve already helped many independent training providers, colleges and universities, at home and abroad.

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  10. Collaborating with our friends over at Omega VFX Ltd we have proven skills in creating immersive and memorable VR and augmented learning experiences.

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