Electrical Testing Essentials | 1 Day

Electrical Testing Essentials, is a course designed to ensure your understanding of low voltage DC circuits is in the place where it needs to be. Understanding this truly essential subject is arguably the most important skill for any modern day vehicle technician.

In this one day course you’ll learn the fundamentals of electrical circuits, how to properly measure voltage, current and resistance, understand exactly what your measurements mean and how to select the right tool to conduct your electrical tests efficiently and effectively.

You’ll get lots of hands-on experience and expert guidance in identifying the most common electrical faults….

  • Test circuits with confidence – the competent measurement of voltage, current and resistance.
  • Volt drop testing – the key to locating many common faults.
  • Understanding what a multimeter is telling you – what’s a good reading and what’s an indicator of a fault.
  • Broader multimeter functionality.
  • Diagnose issues with sensors, actuators, and power supply circuits.
  • Diagnose open circuits, high resistances and short circuits.
  • Learn how to read and decipher wiring diagrams.
  • Learn how to approach an electrical fault and understand which measurements will providing you with the maximum amount of knowledge in the shortest period of time.

If you’d like to start understanding how the pros diagnose electrical faults then this course is the place to start your diagnostic journey.

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4th Jun (Church Stretton) £349.00 Sold out
16th Jul (Church Stretton) £349.00 Sold out
1st Oct (Church Stretton) £349.00 Sold out
5th Nov (Church Stretton) £349.00 Sold out
17th Dec (Church Stretton) £349.00 Sold out
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