Customer Feedback

We think we’re one of the most forward looking, customer centric and technically accurate training companies out there. We’re also obsessed with making sure our training courses are about so much more than certification. Our training courses are written and delivered to help our clients do their jobs better and not simply to allow them to add a certificate to their CV. That said, there’s an argument to say we’re a touch biased and so, don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our lovely clients say about us too. Enjoy!

This training platform is amazing and the support also matches it. I purchased this recently and I implemented a technique from a diesel testing video today and it worked perfectly, miles better than my previous method and it saved me a lot of time. If you’re thinking of doing this training, my advice is stop thinking and DO IT!

Peter Richards

Have been using OVA for over 2 years now. It’s been an absolute go-to for training, and even a go-to to refresh on certain things I’m unsure of. I’ve just revisited the smart charge section to help me with a recent job I had, as wasn’t quite sure about the feedback wire, and as always OVA put me right.

OVA Subscriber

Excellent value for money, full of information that is invaluable when dealing with modern vehicles. Really pleased with the platform and how things are set out, easy to navigate and carry on from where you left off. Was hesitant before but the videos allow a drip feed of knowledge and leaving you wanting to go onto the next stage and learn more! Well done guys, outstanding product.

Josh Wilson

What can I say? The technical information and how it’s presented is absolutely spot on. This has massively improved my abilities in fault finding and understanding the principles of various vehicle systems, after all you cannot fix something unless you understand how it works! This is an essential training tool for any invested garage.

Dan Macdonald

Enjoying the course and the presentation videos. They are very clear. I’ve been making lots of notes too. Soaked in a lot of info that I honestly did not know about hybrids.

OVA Subscriber

I’ve recently signed to Our Virtual Academy and I think it’s brill. Definitely something to get on.

Tom Bracken

Absolutely brilliant training, would highly recommend. I struggle with books and this is explained in small chunks and easily digestible. A worthy investment.

Tom Boud

Our Virtual Academy is a brilliant learning resource. It’s perfect for learning subjects that may be new to you or refreshing knowledge. Because everything’s broken down into ‘bite sized’ videos it means that you can spend, say half an hour and cover a certain subject well. Perfect for quickly going back and refreshing yourself as to how something works or finding a few spare minutes to do some CPD.

Tim Ellis-Jones

Automotive Training Solutions use Our Virtual Academy for part of our assessors CPD and the content is excellent. Keep up the good work Ben.

Stuart Perry, Company Director at Automotive Training Solutions.

Highly recommended, one of our awesome SimplyDiag Network Partners, providing one of the best (if not, the best) learning resources out there.

Steve Scott, SimplyDiag Network

I recommend Ben and his Virtual Academy whole heartedly. My Servicesure client was really impressed and said it really was a big ‘wow’. Ben is first class, a great concept with amazing back up. Thank you.

Sarah Franklin, Servicesure Sales Manager

The training platform is great! Very easy to use, extremely helpful and relevant. Thanks Autotech for allowing me access!

Rod at Autotech Recruit

Just finished our EV masters course today, 4 days of excellent training. Absolutely spot on, a credit to Ben, Pete and all the team at Our Virtual Academy. We did level 3 training earlier in the year and have now followed it up with this.

Paul Taylor

Most innovative creative customer focused training out there, great friendly team. Always putting the customer first.

Paul Dineen

I have to say a huge thank you to the team at OVA Academy in Shropshire from my first encounter talking to Emma, meeting Ben but especially trainers Pete Banks and Nathan Searle, they really are first class, and their knowledge is second to none.
This past week I attended their 4-day EV Masters course in Shropshire and couldn’t fault it at all. From the moment I arrived, to the time the course finished was a training experience I have never experienced prior, from any organisation, totally professional in every aspect.

Their premises in Shropshire is absolutely spotless, even down to the floor surfaces! It has a large classroom area, perfect workshop as well as a kitchen and toilet/shower area which are all heated.

It was literally 40 hours of training, with no more than 5 of those hours in the classroom and the remainder being hands on with the vehicles. Pico scope, Top Don and Otofix were the main diagnostic tools used on this course, but they do have an array of different ones. Analysing scope patterns and using EV system data was thoroughly explored and explained at each stage. The dismantling of a HV battery pack down to module level, discharging/charging/balancing of the cells is all done hands on. Charging of the HV battery, charging lead testing and diagnosis, inverter, converter, equipotential bonding, insulation testing, isolation monitoring/testing down to DC Balanced Bridge level, interlock circuits – you name it, if it’s on an electric vehicle it’s discussed, shown and the diagnostic process is carried out even to the point of putting faults on vehicles to see how they react and what test readings are obtained.

They provide you with a comprehensive workbook that you can make notes in and a metal USB stick in the shape of a key with a lanyard, so that on the last day, each of the scope patterns captured from the course and anything else you need are all downloaded onto it for you so you can take it away and use it as information and guidance for the future.

Hands on diagnosing EV’s as well as in-depth testing was the aim of this course, and it certainly didn’t let me, or any of the other learners down, one had even travelled from the Netherlands to attend!

You’re also given 3-months access to their advanced EV online training courses on completion of the course, which further clarifies and cements the course contents.

The course also completes with you attaining an IMI level 4 EV qualification in with the cost, and I say ‘completes with you attaining’ because the training really is that good! However, if you already have the level 4 like I did then they may make some alteration to the course cost for you, but you would need to discuss that with them, but even so, the course is worth every penny.
Just because you may already have an IMI level 4 EV qualification, do not be put off – this far exceeds anything I’ve seen or done, and this year I’ve attended a few courses!

For anyone who doesn’t want to go straight to EV Masters give them a call and they’ll talk you through the best options for you. If you’re looking for a EV training provider and are unsure where to go, my recommendation is OVA Academy and you’ll not regret it.

Paul Cadman

Having just completed this course last week, it far exceeded my expectations. I already a level 4 prior and thought I knew a good amount, this blew me out of the water! I couldn’t fault it at all and it’s worth every penny. If you’re not sure who to go to for training I’d fully recommend OVA Academy. I’ve also written a review on Facebook and my LinkedIn. To sum it up in one word – brilliant!

Paul Cadman

Absolutely brilliant training, would highly recommend. I struggle with books and this is explained in small chunk and easily digestible. A worthy investment.

OVA Subscriber

Brilliant concept, as I know superlative skills. What else can I say apart from this is the future, and I have been in the techno industry too long than I care to remember. Brilliant!

OVA Subscriber

Fantastic learning platform. Used for many years to educate myself and my techs.

Nev Smith

4 days of EV awesomeness, nobody in the U.K is running better L4 EV Masters course than Our Virtual Academy Live.

Thank you Pete Banks for your time and dedication in creating something so detailed and in-depth, it genuinely blew us all away.

Lewis Charles Jay | Autoimotion Ltd

Absolutely loving the training. Even as front of house I’ve learned so much. Best thing we’ve done in a while!

Kerry Dukes

Well thought out. Enjoying my free trial. May be a good fit for my students.

Kenneth Colavito

Best learning content I’ve used.

John J B Taylor

Cannot recommend this course enough – if you have any sort of interest and commitment to EV’s then this is a MUST!

John Hall

We were wowed by your knowledge, passion, delivery and especially the support provided in all areas that every individual, business, and group bombarded you with. The knowledge you have in the subject matter is nothing short of phenomenal.

Jim and Dave | The RAC

Morning Ben. I signed my staff up on the Virtual Academy and now they are off, it has been amazing to see them get stuck into the training. The videos are brilliant and great value for money.

Graham Gent

No EV stone was left unturned as we covered everything from contactors, equipotential bonding, thermal management and everything in between, with the majority of the training being delivered with hands-on practical tasks – the way it should be! We now have the knowledge and confidence to correctly identify and rectify the most difficult EV problems whilst not turning ourselves into 400V dust.

Elijak Summer, Summer Auto Electrics

We reached out to OVA as we were looking to get trained up for our work with HV systems and Li-ion batteries. Ben and his team were extremely quick to respond to our every concern, even crafting a bespoke training programme based on our team’s needs which was very helpful. The conduct of the training was professional, and Ben was well equipped to answer all our questions with regards to both HV systems and batteries. He remained fully dedicated throughout the entire training session, staying on-site with us late into the evening to ensure that any doubts we had were cleared before he considered his job done. I am grateful to Ben and his team, and would highly recommend them for their competence and professionalism!

Dylan Wee – Formula Student EV Category – Imperial College London

EV Masters is probably the best course I have ever been on. Top guys for a great week of learning.

Dario Moore, DC Autoworks Ltd

EV Masters is probably the best course I have ever been on. Top guys, thanks for a great week of learning.

Dario Moore | DC Autoworks Limited

Tim found the training both informative and useful for the future, and he is grateful it was put into place as he doesn’t always have time to look into training

Autotech Recruit

Nathan is thoroughly enjoying the training and when he gets a spare couple of hours he likes to log on and smash through a course! He has asked for his access to be continued after lockdown.

Autotech Recruit

Attended for level 2/3 EV qualification. Blown away by the course. Amazing content, brilliantly delivered. Can’t wait for the next one.

Andy Millichamp

Excellent learning for all levels, get yourself signed up to this. Good work Ben.

Alex Sommerville

Loved all the training, top marks to you. Would recommend to all, beats the books for me

Alan Landale