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The Automotive Industry is unrelenting in its introduction of new technologies. And this trend is set to continue. With ongoing developments in vehicle connectivity, further integration of hybrid and electric drivetrains, and the inevitable introduction of autonomous vehicles, our industry is changing like never before.

Using cutting-edge learning technology and our vast industry expertise, at Our Virtual Academy we support motor vehicle technicians in their endless race to stay up to date with these latest changes. Enhancing their knowledge and expertise and bringing manufacturer-level knowledge and skills to the aftermarket.

And there is no finish line; we are constantly updating and developing our entire knowledge base. As we release new modules, our subscribers have instant access to the updated content, naturally, at no extra cost.


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What Does a Subscription Include?

Subscribers to our cost-effective online subscriptions gain access to many certificated suites of easy-to-understand, technically accurate, training material designed to teach. Subjects range from wheels and tyres & the fundamentals of electrics through to air conditioning diagnosis and Electric Vehicle (EV) operation. Those who purchase multiuser plans will also gain access the reporting system, be it automated configurable email reports sent to you weekly or detailed analysis of your learner’s strengths and weaknesses, the OVA platform will help you achieve your reporting requirements.

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All our videos feature switchable Closed Captions.

Benefits of Our Virtual Academy Online Training

  1. Our Virtual Academy enables our highly experienced training team to provide their knowledge and expertise in an engaging way through the use of interactive video based media.

    Rather than being primarily theory based, our courses focus on developing practical skills, knowledge and working practices, which are directly relevant and invaluable to the modern day motor vehicle technician.

  2. You will be only too aware that it costs hundreds to send your technicians on training courses. Then factoring in lost productivity, travel and accommodation costs on top, the figures run into many hundreds.

    Workshops rarely operate at 100% productivity, therefore even if you assume yours operates at 95%, that still equates to over 8 hours of non-productive time per month, per technician!

    A smart move is to fill this ‘down time’ with a structured learning programme via Our Virtual Academy, essentially being able to generate a whole day’s worth of highly cost effective training per technician every month, with no loss of valuable productive time from the workshop.

    As far as we can see, that’s got to be a ‘Win-Win’.

  3. Learner progress through our suite of training material is automatically monitored through the progress tracker, allowing quick and easy access to personal learning history.

    Upon successful completion of key milestones, certificates of achievement can be easily generated and printed to maintain a physical record of learning accomplishments.

  4. The clean and simple design of our interface ensures you won’t need a training program to learn how to use it.

    Simply enter the virtual Training Centre and the location of our content will soon become apparent. We also have a keyword search feature to help if you are looking to find something specific.

  5. Our Virtual Academy provides the ultimate online interactive training solution.

    Whether you are an independent garage owner looking to develop the capabilities of your business, an experienced technician looking to broaden your knowledge and skill, a corporate Training Manager who needs to improve performance and accountability or an apprentice looking to top up your education, our competitive pricing structures provide a highly beneficial and affordable learning experience.

  6. Studies have indicated that the long term effectiveness of one time, face-to-face training is limited, with participants only retaining as little as 30% of the information after a very short time.

    At Our Virtual Academy we use cutting edge technology which allows you to interact with the video based media making it memorable and most importantly, you can revisit any module at will, even in the workshop whilst diagnosing a problem on a vehicle.

  7. As a Manager, one of your many roles is likely to include the tracking, monitoring and measurement of your team. With our Small Business, Larger Workshop and Custom plans, you can track, monitor and measure the progress of individuals, teams and even multiple locations* under your responsibility.

    Unlike conventional video based learning materials, the interactive technology of Our Virtual Academy allows you, the Manager, to monitor actual active time spent learning and not just time spent logged on.

    *Custom Plan required for multiple location function

  8. Since OurVirtualAcademy.com is a cloud-based service, our learners can securely access their training courses at any time from almost anywhere in the world.
    OurVirtualAcademy.com is conveniently accessible through desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, requiring only an internet connection for access.

    Our system servers are hosted in a world-class data centre and delivered across Amazon’s S3 global infrastructure.

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02 Engine Management


03 Vehicle Electrics


04 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles




06 Chassis