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Online Training Solutions

We provide a wide range of online training solutions ranging from regularly updated monthly and annual subscriptions to our ‘Classic’ content, through to dedicated suites of IMI certificated courses. The completion of IMI certificated courses, plus passing the face-to-face assessment(s) will lead to your learners gaining formally recognised qualifications – click here to see the breadth of IMI certificated options available to you and your organisation.

When it comes to the assessment process, there’s options for you too. Either we can carry out the IMI assessments for you, or like many of our large clients do, you can register and assess your learners through your own IMI Centre and you just pay for access to our IMI Approved Guided Learning Hours.

Our Virtual Academy Subscriptions

Our “classic” subscription can be set up for an individual looking to improve their knowledge or for your entire team. This will allow you to efficiently assign training, monitor learner progress and reward completion with certification. Subscriptions provide access to an ever-growing catalogue of well over 200 interactive video-based training courses, covering a wide variety of subjects including core Fundamentals such as Basic Electrics and Measurement, through to Air Conditioning Systems, Petrol & Diesel System Diagnosis and Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Safety, Operation and Diagnostics.

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IMI Certificated Courses

Our online training solutions have enabled thousands of technicians to learn at the pace they feel confident with and attain industry-level certification with our IMI-certified courses.

As an online-only, or as a blended solution, our cost effective IMI-certified courses facilitate excellent Auditable Knowledge Retention and will Save your Business Time and Money.


IMI Certified Online-only Courses include:

IMI Certified Blended Training Courses include:

(Online training combined with face-to-face training and assessment)


Bespoke Online Training Solutions

Like what you see but looking for something matched to your organisation’s learning aims? Reach out, a large part of our business is geared toward creating custom solutions for large organisations.

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OVA Subscriptions

Our online platform is full of a wide range of courses, such as Essential Electrics, Engine Management, Hybrid Technology, and much more. We’re also adding new courses all the time.

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IMI Certificated Courses

Find out more about our IMI accredited courses.

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01 Fundamentals


02 Engine Management


03 Vehicle Electrics


04 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles




06 Chassis