Upskilling for the Future: A Guide to Electric Vehicle Technician Training in the UK

A Guide to Electric Vehicle Technician Training

The landscape of the UK automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). More and more people are thinking about getting an electric car when the time comes to change car. This surge in demand for EVs necessitates a significant growth in the skilled workforce capable of servicing and repairing them. For individuals seeking to upskill or embark upon a career in this dynamic field, electric vehicle technician training presents a gateway to a rewarding future.

We will provide an analysis of the available training options, explore diverse career paths, and equip you with valuable resources to propel your journey.

The Compelling Case for Electric Vehicle Technician Training

The UK government has outlined ambitious plans for a phased transition away from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. This translates to a significant increase in EV ownership, consequently creating a substantial demand for qualified technicians/mechanics. Here are compelling reasons to consider electric vehicle technician training:

  • Enhanced Earning Potential: With the acquisition of specialised knowledge and skills, EV technicians can command competitive salaries within the industry.
  • Job Security: The EV sector is experiencing significant growth globally, offering a steady and progressive career path for suitable EV/Hybrid qualified individuals.
  • Contributing to a Sustainable Future: By servicing and maintaining EVs, technicians directly contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future, fostering a sense of purpose and positive impact.

Navigating the Electric Vehicle Training Landscape in the UK

Certified EV training courses are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of experience levels and career aspirations. Here’s a breakdown of the most prevalent training options:

  • Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness: This introductory course imparts a fundamental understanding of EVs, encompassing safety protocols and high-voltage systems. It is particularly suited for non-technical adult learners in the motor industry.
  • Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities: This qualification equips technicians with the necessary skills to perform basic maintenance tasks such as battery health checks and visual inspections. Along with being able to isolate the high voltage system from the rest of the vehicle.
  • Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair & Replacement: This advanced course delves deeper, preparing technicians to remove and replace many complex EV components.

Selecting a Reputable Training Provider for EV Training

It is crucial to seek out training providers accredited by awarding bodies such as the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). Awarding bodies ensure adherence to rigorous quality standards including the assessment of the qualification. However, the depth of the knowledge taught is in many cases the responsibility of the training provider and so vet your automotive training provider wisely. To put that in context, some identically certificated adult courses are delivered in two days while others are delivered in four.

Beyond Training: Building a Fulfilling Career in the EV Industry

Upon successful completion of your training program, consider these steps to solidify your position within the EV industry:

  • Cultivating Professional Networks: Attend industry events and actively connect with established EV technicians to glean valuable insights and experiences.
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning: The EV landscape is continually evolving. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning by attending workshops and refresher courses to maintain your expertise.

By embarking on a journey of electric vehicle technician training, you are not merely investing in your own professional development; you are actively shaping a future brimming with exciting opportunities.

And of course, if we want to decarbonise the world we need electric vehicles.

The vast majority of transport needs to be electrified.

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