OVA launch electrical testing and diagnostics course

Another new course from the OVA LIVE team launched!

“Electrical Testing and Diagnostics” is a 2 day course designed to get any budding diagnostic technician on their diagnostic journey.

Delegates can expect to learn about the fundamentals of electrical circuits, learn how to proficiently measure voltage, current, and resistance, interpret measurement results, and select appropriate tools for efficient and effective electrical testing. Through hands-on experience and expert guidance, you will learn the skills to diagnose many common electrical faults, through understanding how to:

  • Confidently testing circuits by accurately measuring voltage, current, and resistance.
  • Employing volt drop testing to pinpoint numerous common faults.
  • Understanding multimeter readings and distinguishing between acceptable values and indicators of faults.
  • Expand their understanding of multimeter capabilities.
  • Diagnosing issues related to sensors, actuators, and power supply circuits.
  • Identifying open circuits, high resistances, and short circuits.
  • Mastering the interpretation of wiring diagrams.
  • Approaching electrical faults systematically to extract maximum diagnostic information in minimal time.

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