The OVA LIVE team launch “Formula Student High Voltage Essentials”

Formula Student High Voltage Essentials Imperial College London

The OVA LIVE team have successfully delivered their first Formula Student  High Voltage Essentials course to engineering students at Imperial College London. The course was written specifically around Imperial’s specific requirements to allow their Electrical System Officer (ESO) with the skills and knowledge to understand the safety implications of working with high voltage batteries and learn high voltage working practices.

Testimonial – Formula Student ESO from Imperial College London

“We reached out to OVA as we were looking to get trained up for our work with HV systems and Li-ion batteries. Ben and his team were extremely quick to respond to our every concern, even crafting a bespoke training programme based on our team’s needs which was very helpful. The conduct of the training was professional, and Ben was well equipped to answer all our questions with regards to both HV systems and batteries. He remained fully dedicated throughout the entire training session, staying on-site with us late into the evening to ensure that any doubts we had were cleared before he considered his job done. I am grateful to Ben and his team, and would highly recommend them for their competence and professionalism!”

What is an Electrical System Officer (ESO)?

Formula Student teams participating in the EV category are required to appoint at least one Electrical System Officer (ESO). The ESO(s) is the only person in the team who may declare the vehicle electrically safe, in order for work to be performed on any system of the vehicle by the team.

The ESO must be certified or must have received appropriate practical training, whether formal or informal, for working with high voltage systems in automotive vehicles. Details of the training must be provided to the organizers on the ESO/ESA form for approval.

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